For years I was concerned with climate crisis and the planet’s pollution problem, but shied away from making efforts to reduce my contribution. I was focussing so hard on achieving the “Zero” in zero waste that I set myself up for failure each time I tried.

Somewhere in 2015, I became disillusioned and began by making smaller changes. Five years later, I haven’t quite hit the zero yet, but I’m close.

I was never a huge consumer and thneeds never caught my fancy. As easy as it was to adopt sustainable practices in most aspects of my life, I struggled to keep my kitchen zero waste. I chose to buy all produce from the farmer’s market and grocery from my local package free shop. But they buy everything from other suppliers and guess what they receive it in – plastic! I’ve realised that my activities will continue to produce waste indirectly, elsewhere, unless I live a completely self-sufficient life on a farm.

To address this gap, I think we must go beyond piecemeal urban sustainability efforts made by individual brands and look to reform the entire supply chain. We need to equip communities and individuals with the knowledge and means to participate.

The Slow Kitchen is my attempt to educate, inspire and build a community of enthusiastic change makers.

Together, let’s make a difference.